About Township Trash Collection
     The Southampton Township Trash Authority has entered into an inter-municipal agreement with the municipalities of  Cooke Township , North Newton Township, Penn Township, Newville Borough, Shippensburg Township, South Newton Township, Southampton Township and West Pennsboro Townhip ,all of Cumberland County Pennsylvania.
  Cooke Township
  Southampton Township
  Shippensburg Township
  South Newton Township
  Penn Township
  Newville Borough
  North Newton Township
  West Pennsboro Township
 If you are a resident of one of the above listed municipalities, you can obtain a sign up form at your municipal office. The completed form must be returned to your municipal office.
If you are currently receiving billing from the Southampton Trash Collection Office,
you need not sign up again.

     Businesses with commercial trash collections will not be included in this program.
     Any questions concerning any of the above information may be either directed to your respective municipal offices, or Southampton Township Trash at (717)532-7685. You may need to leave a message at the Southampton Township Trash office, however all calls will be returned.
Southampton Township
Trash Collection Office
200 Airport Road
Shippensburg, Pa 17257
Inter-Municipal Trash Collection Agreement
      The agreement provides that Advanced Disposal ( formally Interstate Waste Services) will perform garbage and recycling collection services for all residential customers within the municipalities in the inter-municipal agreement..  Recycling will be collected on the same day as your trash pickup. Recycling rules are listed on this web site. Customers are also permitted one (1) bulk item per week.  Trash containers and recycling bins are provided by the Southampton Township Trash Authority.
      Commercial garbage collection will NOT be included in this program. If you are a resident of  one of these  municipalities, you can contact your municipal office for more information.  This is a mandatory program for all residents that reside in the municipalities listed in the inter-municipal agreement.
        Recycling will be collected on the same day as your trash pickup. An 18 gallon recycling container will be provided to all customers at no charge.   Should one container not be sufficient, a second container will also be provided. Larger recycling containers may be available upon request. All recycling is single stream, which means that all recyclables may go in one container.  Recycling containers should have been delivered to each residence. If you have not received a recycling container, please contact your local municipal office.
      Customers are permitted one bulk item per week.  If you have a bulk item for pickup, contact the Township Trash Office prior to your weekly collection day so that IWS can be notified of the pickup. 

Office Hours

8 am - 4 pm
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Are you ready to get rid of those annoying ELECTRONICS? 
Cumberland County has opened its
Electronics Recycling Center

Cumberland County Recycling Center


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for information about trash collection for your municipality.
     If you have any questions about trash collection for your municipality, you may
contact the Southampton Township Trash office at 717-532-7685